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Feb 12, 2015
  Łukasz Stelmach has compiled a summary of activities that took place on the Tizen Developer mailing list for December 2014, and also for January 2015: Resource management daemon The most intensly discussed topic was Taeyoung Kim's proposal for resource management daemon. SMACK Labels for /dev/snd/* Then Imran Zaman asked for some help with […]
Sep 11, 2014
  For developers and commercial companies Interested in Tizen IVI, here is the Tizen IVI image with Yocto, provided by Ronan from Eurogiciel. You can find links for Tizen IVI image. For Tizen IVI on Yocto a meta tag was created: meta-tizen git ivi_rev_0. It is strongly recommended that you follow the wiki […]
Sep 8, 2014
  Below is a round up of Tizen developer discussions that have been taking place in the Dev Tizen mailing list during August 2014. Thanks to Łukasz Stelmach for compiling it for us: Cynara, Async API proposal Aleksander Zdyb has started a discussion about different approaches to asynchronous API for Cynara's clients. Building Tizen […]

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