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Aug 27, 2021
Wear OS 3 users have had to resort to Spotify's application on their smartwatches when trying to listen to songs. Now, Google has just released YouTube Music for Wear OS 3. Here's how it works. You can install it by heading to the Google Play Store on your watch, and searching "YouTube Music". Select install […]
Dec 10, 2020
The US election this year has seen its fair share of controversy - actually, that seems like a bit of an understatement - to say the least. Now, there is an Interesting turn of events, YouTube has announced that, starting today, the video platform will remove any videos that claim election fraud! YouTube has already […]
Jul 10, 2019
Great news for Amazon Fire TV users. The official YouTube App is back on Amazon Fire TV. It's been well over a year since Google pulled the app from Amazon devices. This is because of a small feud that started in late 2015 when Amazon stopped selling Google's Chromecast devices and then obviously, Google pulled […]
Apr 11, 2019
There's nothing worse than losing Wi-Fi or data coverage when you're halfway through your favorite video on YouTube. While YouTube does allow you to save some videos for offline watching, with a little effort, you can download them in HD as well. All you need is the VLC media player installed on your system. And […]
Feb 28, 2019
YouTube, the video sharing platform, has come under pressure to ban the far-right activist Tommy Robinson. At the moment, this is the only major social media platform that the former EDL leader is not banned on. The chairman of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Committee, Damian Collins, went on the record on Wednesday stating […]
Jul 26, 2018
The Gear VR ecosystem is a big thing nowadays but the platform has not become Samsung's major success. But out of all of the VRs that have been released so far, the Gear VR is the king of the jungle (possibly for some). But there's been something missing this entire time, an official YouTube VR […]
Jun 22, 2018
Instagram was launched in October 2010 exclusively on iOS, followed by an Android version in April 2012. In less than eight years, the photo and video-sharing social networking service has reached 1 billion users worldwide. Announcing the news through a blog post, Kevin Systrom, Co-Founder & CEO, Instagram, wrote, "this is a major accomplishment — so from all of us at Instagram, thank […]
May 17, 2018
YouTube has just released an update to its Android app, bringing in a new "Incognito Mode" to the app. The Incognito Mode in browsers is a well-known and extremely useful feature, especially when you're logging into your account on someone else's computer. All the popular browser apps have it, as does Gboard. SwiftKey is another Android app […]
Jan 31, 2018
As the blockchain waves move hither thither, it seeks to decentralize everything on its path. Will Decentralized Applications (DApps) offering solutions in finance, data management, manufacturing, education and even entertainment replace traditional centralized options? Even without blockchain’s help, the mass market for user-generated content platforms like YouTube and streaming sites (like Netflix and Amazon) have […]
Jan 23, 2018
The available apps for Gear watches have been in short supply of lates, so it's nice to see another one hit the store. Tizen Gear App developer Andrzej Bugajny reached out to us with his latest Gear app, PYT - Player for YouTube. As the name suggests this is an Application that allows you to […]
Nov 17, 2017
YouTube launched YouTube TV app earlier this year and since then, it has been rolling out the app on various platforms. Further expanding its reach, Goggle has now announced that YouTube TV app will be available for owners of the newer model of Samsung Smart TVs. The announcement, made by Google via Twitter, did not specifically mentioned […]
Jun 15, 2017
Whilst we wait for an official YouTube app, and that there might take some time, the StarDesigns Team brings has released BetterTube.  This is a YouTube client app that is fast, smooth and developed for the Tizen OS. BetterTube for YouTube is a native browser app that enables advanced HTML5 features with advanced smart video […]
May 31, 2017
With the latest Smart TVs around users don't need to have an external media box to be able to stream content like their favourite shows, movies or music on your TV. Samsung Smart TV is one of such TVs which offer great content without the need for a set-top box. The Tizen-powered Smart TV range from Samsung […]
May 2, 2017
Over the last two years, I have been a Tizen Smartphone User with access to two Tizen-powered smartphones. The Samsung Z1 was the first basic smartphone in my life and it's without video calling function and a growing number of good apps and games. For any problem, I was using the Samsung Z1 Smartphone Facebook group. Really […]
Apr 26, 2017
YouTube Kids, as the name might suggest, is an app created by Google that is designed for kids. The idea behind the application is that it is useful for children to be able to find suitable content that they might be looking for, whilst restricting more adult topics or unsuitable material. The YouTube Kids app was […]
Mar 9, 2017
There are 3 stable video player apps currently in the Tizen store: Samsung Video Player, VLC and Hound Player. Openmobile has also provided MX Player, which is an ACL powered app. All of them are able to play video footage that is stored locally on your mobile. Now, the developer behind the Hound Player app,by Victor […]
Feb 2, 2017
StereoTube for Youtube Download MP3 Video Player is an app that lets you download YouTube videos as MP4 video files and also MP3 audio music files. Many of our readers have been waiting for this type of app for Tizen smartphones for a while now. As a bonus, the app has been heavily optimised to be […]
Dec 22, 2016
Samsung Electronics have announced that they will support YouTube’s global HDR playback on their Tizen TVs via an updated YouTube application. Currently, the app is available on all 2016 Samsung Quantum dot TVs and UHD TVs, and beginning this month will begin a global rollout. What is HDR? High Dynamic Range is used differently in TVs opposed […]
Jan 23, 2015
  Gear Smartwatches are quite versatile devices, and thats not just in the hardware, the Tizen operating system, but also in the applications that run on them. Xenozu is a YouTube video player that lets you play YouTube videos directly on your Gear device. You can search and play from the comfort of your wrist […]
Nov 26, 2013
When you say economy of massive scales, Google probably is the biggest of them all. They probably know all your preferences, friends and foes. It's quite likely that your face will be on YouTube, in whatever category. Migrating to HTML5 will make it even easier for your friends to see you! So, when the management […]

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