The New Samsung Smartwatch Could Be Launched Soon

The newest Samsung smartwatch seems like it may launch - and be released soon. This is because the smartwatch has got C3 certification in China.
May 26, 2020

Samsung's latest smartwatch, potentially the Galaxy Watch 2 smartwatch, could be possibly launched soon. As of now, the launch of the smartwatch hasn't been confirmed, but we are definitely inching towards it.

So, why do think it may come soon? The newest Samsung smartwatch has been given key certification in China. This is usually a good indicator as to whether a launch is far off or not. This certification is the 3C or Compulsory Certification of China. This is needed so that the approved product can be sold in the country.

As well as this, Samsung is due to launch their new products in a couple of months - so it would make sense for the Galaxy Watch to be released round about that time.

What we already know about the Samsung smartwatch

When it comes to the leaked features, we haven't got much that's particularly juicy. However, the most recent info is that the smartwatch is going to be offered in Titanium. This metal is strong and light - perfect for smartwatches. On the other hand, it does come with quite a price tag. As well as this, the device will have twice the storage compared to the older Samsung smartwatches.

The 'Galaxy Watch 2' has the model numbers SM-R840/845 and SM-R850/855. The model numbers are for the two different sizes the smartwatch will come in as well as the Wi-Fi and LTE variants. So far, we don't know whether the device will be 5G enabled.


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