Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy BudsX Seen on Wearable App!

The Galaxy Watch 3 and the Galaxy BudsX have been seen on the Galaxy Wearable app - further confirming the launch of the two devices. We expect to see them soon
Jun 9, 2020

Just recently, we have seen the Galaxy Watch 3 support pages for the South Korean market. Now, the Galaxy BudsX and the Galaxy Watch 3 have been seen in the Galaxy Wearable app - bringing further confirmation for the wearable devices.

Both of the wearables are expected to be launched at Samsung's August 5th event. In this event, Samsung's two newest smartphones - the Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Fold 2, are also expected to be launched.

The Galaxy BudsX

In the Galaxy Wearable app contents, there is an image asset of the bean-shaped wireless earphone. That same image file has been called "buds_live". Could there be a possibility that these earphones will be called Galaxy Buds Live? However, XDA Developers haven't found any other reference to a "Buds Live" name. As well as this, Samsung has already filed several trademarks for the name "Galaxy BudsX". Personally, I prefer Galaxy BudsX - which was a name first suspected in a report two months ago.

The Galaxy Watch 3

The name of the new wearable wasn't something many expected. The wearable's NBTC certification had inferred the name 'Galaxy Watch 3'. However, an image was dug up that specifically mentions the name - basically confirming the name of the smartwatch.

If any more news surfaces, we will be sure to let you know.


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