Samsung's upcoming Smartwatch is the Galaxy Watch 3 - with Two Sizes

The Galaxy Watch 3 - Samsung's latest smartwatch - has had both its name and its smaller variant size revealed by Thailand's regulatory service.
Jun 6, 2020

Samsung's latest smartwatch has finally got a name, and unexpectedly it is the Galaxy Watch 3. Samsung has just decided to skip the Galaxy Watch 2 and move onto 3.

The name actually makes sense as it makes it clear that the Galaxy Watch 3 is newer and better than the Galaxy Watch Active2. As well as this, it has been two years since the Galaxy Watch made its debut.

How Did the Name of the Galaxy Watch 3 Get Out?

Thailand's regulatory body, NBTC had not only revealed the name of the smartwatch. but, as well as the name, we also have the size for the smaller variant of the watch. The smaller variant will be 41mm whereas the larger one will be 45mm.

As of now, the new smartwatch is expected to be unveiled beside the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Fold 2. Reportedly, Samsung is going to hold an online event come 5th August. So there are about 2 months until we get to see the Galaxy Watch 3 officially. Keep following for more Tizen news.


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