DEAL ALERT: Galaxy Watch Active2 Selling on eBay as a new low

The Galaxy Watch Active2 is selling on Ebay for a lot cheaper than the original price. The devices selling are the 44mm Aqua Black and 40mm Rose Gold.
Jan 29, 2020

The Galaxy Watch Active2 is for sale extremely cheap on eBay! The eBay seller is known for having electronics on sale for cheap prices. The seller themselves have gotten a very good rating of 99.8% positive rating. Wish I could do that!

What condition is the Galaxy Watch Active2 in?

The smartwatch itself is in 'Open Box' condition. In the seller notes, it states that the unit is without the original packaging. The factory settings for the device has been restored and includes the original accessories.

galaxy watch active2 ebay

The smartwatch may not have its original packaging but should run the same as any other Galaxy Watch Active2 will. If you are an Apple user but like the sound of this deal, you can easily pair your iPhone and the Galaxy Watch Active2. This is because the wearable is compatible with both Android and iOS. Not only that but the smartwatch supports NFC. So you can easily tap and go when playing for your shopping. This is of course true if you have your credit card registered with Samsung Pay.

Let's Talk Prices

One of the reasons to purchase the Galaxy Watch Active2 is that fact that the smartwatch is a great deal cheaper than Apple's series of Apple smartwatches. We wouldn't necessarily call the smartwatch 'cheap' per se but this deal on eBay makes the Galaxy Watch Active2 worth it. There are two versions of the smartwatch for sale. There is the Aqua Black version with the 44mm band selling for $194.99. The Pink Gold version with a 40mm watch band is selling for $184.99. Both of these versions support Bluetooth. So they'd need to be able to connect to your smartphone in order to recieve calls, messages and notifications that are recieved on that your smartwatch.

As well as this, the Galaxy Watch Active comes with a free 1 year warrently which is pretty cool. So you get a pretty killer price and a warrenty to keep you covered for an entire year. To go ahead and buy this device, click the links below:

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