Samsung SM-R840 Smartwatch Codename Leaked - Galaxy Watch 2?

The Samsung SM-R840 smartwatch has had its codename leaked. This wearable could be the next Galaxy Watch but we shall find out later on. Galaxy Watch 2.
Jan 21, 2020

There are loads of rumours about the SM-R840 Samsung smartwatch - the latest unreleased one. Only last week we had a leak about the model number of the smartwatch from Galaxy Club. Now that we know the official codename, we could see what the smartwatch could look like.

Back in 2018, we never saw another Galaxy Watch 2 to carry on the Galaxy Watch legacy. Instead we got the Galaxy Watch Active and the Galaxy Watch Active2. So now after not one, but two generations of Samsung smartwatches, we may see the Galaxy Watch 2.


Now the moment you've been waiting for. Galaxy Club are to thank for this leak although details of the smartwatch are still scarce. The codename for the newest Samsung wearable is Noblesse. The name itself hints at a classic look rather than a sporty design such as the Galaxy Watch Active range. As well as this, the codename could hint at a pricy smartwatch due to the ambition behind the word. However, all smartwatches have their ambitious codenames regardless of price range.

Like many other smartwatches, this smartwatch is said to come in two sizes. Unfortunately, we still do not know what is going on in the sensors area of the SM-R840. Due to the lack of details, the wearable is not likely to be unveiled at the Samsung Unpacked event early next month. We could possibly see the SM-R840 smartwatch be unveiled alongside the Galaxy Note 20 (if that is the final name). What we could probably count on is the fact that the watch is likely to have a heart rate sensor. You should take care of yourself regardless of what the watch is for, right?

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