Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Support Pages are LIVE: The Launch is Coming

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 pages are live for the South Korean market. The launch of the Samsung smartwatch. is expected to be soon - alongside other devices.
Jun 8, 2020

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 support pages have gone live on Samsung's website. Previously we thought this watch could launch alongside the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note but it seems it may be much earlier.

The support pages for Samsung's latest smartwatch have appeared for the South Korean market. This confirms that the smartwatch is going to be launched sometime in July - if there are no serious complications.

There are four variants of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 that were confirmed through the support pages. The SM-R840NZKAKOO, SM-R840NZSAKOO, SM-R850NZDAKOO, and SM-R850NZSAKOO.

Other sources of information have come through from China's MIIT Certification, The US' FCC and Thailand's NBTC. All three of which have revealed information in the past month.

A Rundown of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The smartwatch will have two variants - the SM-R840 and the SM-R850. These will feature the 41mm and 45mm sizes respectively. Earlier than that, Sammobile reported that the smartwatch would feature 8GB of storage - twice the amount of other Samsun smartwatches. The SM-R845 and SM-R55 are expected to be the LTE variants of the smartwatch.

The smartwatch is going to be made of stainless steel and titanium. The titanium is a first for Samsung smartwatches. Titanium is light and durable but usually comes with a hefty price tag. Similar to the original Galaxy Watch, the Galaxy Watch 3 will feature a physical bezel - something many may enjoy.

Like many others in the market, it's expected for the new smartwatch to feature a newer processor, heart rate monitoring, sleep-tracking, wireless charging and 5ATM resistance. As well as this, we could see One UI for wearables on the new device.


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